+ Fairwell 2017

+ Fairwell 2017

At the end of the year I like to conclude what I've learned throughout the year through the form of writing.    Last year I wrote... 

in 2017 i declare to be brave..  within my purpose, within my artistry, within my identity, within my expression, within my vunerablity, within my ability and will to love, within my praise for god above. 
i pray to stand tall and brave.   i pray somewhere within your journey we’re able to cross paths and relate to one another in some form or shape.   
I pray you HAVE UR WAYYY.  
blessings to you

My intention for 2017 was very clear and direct... As I lookback what I've come to be most proud of is my ability to DO EXACTLY AS I'VE SET TO DO.  I finally released my debut project HAVE UR WAYYY; the archives ... I've finally rebranded NO SUBLIMINALS and I've found an abundance of fulfillment by doing so.    Through the art of self- expression being able to connect with people online some whom I've yet to  to meet in person who has offered such powerful words of encouragement has been truly one of the richest feelings I've felt in 2017.   I use to be so timid to release my most passionate ideas into the world afraid of what people would think.   That way of thinking was beyond hazardous to my self growth  and truly has been a big factor of me being at my own demise with my very own self sabotaging ways. 

I vowed to no longer live this way.   Why... ?  Well because I just want to be fckn happy.  Its as simple as that.  

Business wise in 2017 -  I had to take two steps back and currently in the process of catapulting 3 steps forward.  As much as I find joy in creating and being creative... I don't always enjoy the conflicts that come about through miscommunication especially in business.  As a freelance creative sometimes the discussion of money is uncomfortable as fck.  To overcome this truth - I took a class on Better Financing for Artist and Creatives via creativelive.com

Amongst dedicating a full weekend to this class... I started taking more classes on subjects  I find interesting as well as taking classes  that I would find broadcasting for free.  

Mentally -   Shedding light on a subject sometimes too embarrassed to admit... ready here goes.... THIS YEAR I HAVE DEFEATED SEASONAL DEPRESSION.  and its a huge moment to celebrate.

For as long as I can remember I've never been fond of winter season / the holidays .  This year I made a continous effort in changing my train of thoughts over the season.    Prior to this effort I was the type who will go into hiding around the season, honestly because I'm not good at faking the funk or acting like everything is okay when its not.   The number one thing that helped me this year was to remember how much love is engulfed in the holidays and how you start to hear from friends and family you don't always have the pleasure of talking to.  

For 2018.  

Im claiming happiness.   Im claiming an abundance of affluence, great health and Im fully dedicated to becoming greater within my passions.  I know in order to do so it is vital I keep myself balance emotionally, spiritually, physically and mentally.  I will continue to workout and meditate I will continue to shed tears and not have too big of an ego to reach out to someone when I am in need.   and I will accept the fact : I am (sometimes) Human and its okay to be flawed and make mistakes. My wishes for this year is to travel more, love more,  do more,  and all while doing so... find ways to keep myself creative.

Im wishing you a wonderful year - claim what you want and be direct because the power of intention is true.  Check my links to witness.  

With love




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